Lorik KT10

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I would have been done with this assignment earlier today but I was struggling with the function analysis and decided to take a break. I redesigned it several times and became more confused the more I worked on it. Hopefully the way I decided to submit it makes sense…

Survey is completed.

7 thoughts on “Lorik KT10

    • Other than creating our own functional analysis part (very confusing to me).. I enjoyed this assignment. I found the youtube videos extremely helpful with understanding the concepts. I didn’t feel as rushed about getting this assignment done, but I think that is due to all the free time I now have. I’m just happy to finally be back on pace with the class and hopefully I can keep it that way!

  1. It’s important to take breaks! I find it is helpful to read the instructions one time, take a break and then return. It is much easier to process that way. Good job!

  2. I like how differently yours looks. This assignment in general has everyone looking a little different. Very nice!

  3. Yours does look different than mine but everyone’s can look different to get the same thing. I was also unsure if i did the last part right as well.

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