KT1: Kenzie Peeler

Plectica Map: https://www.plectica.com/maps/D64Y4IFD5

What is your name?
Kenzie Peeler

Are you a graduate student? If no, what year?
I am not a graduate student YET, I am currently a junior.

Why did you enroll in this class?
I enrolled in Administration in Health Care primarily because it is required for my degree program, but I am also interested in the material

Have you heard of my class and/or teaching methodology?
No I have not.

What are your initial thoughts?
Initially, I was overwhelmed and frustrated with the different set-ups and assignments. As I learn more about how the platforms work, I will adjust and complete my work successfully.

What are your expectations of this course?
I expect to gain a greater knowledge of health care administration as well as learn how to accommodate to different work styles.

Did you signup for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account?
Yes I did sign up for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account.

Did you join the SL Facebook Group?

I requested to join the SL Facebook Group.