KT2 Pechanec


1. What is Systems Thinking?

  • A complex and dynamic way to approach problem solving.

2. What are some of the common systems characteristics?

  • Self-organizing, constantly changing, tightly linked, governed by feedback, non-linear, history dependent, counter-intuitive, and resistant to change.

3. What are the elements of Systems Thinking?

  • Organizing, networks, dynamics and knowledge.

4. Identify the characteristics that make health care organizations complex systems.

  • Interdependence/interconnectedness, non-linearity, dynamic

5. Describe the five disciplines that promote organizational learning.

  • Systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision.

6.  Explain why organizational learning often proves difficult in practice and discuss strategies for promoting organizational learning and innovation.

  • Organizational learning is constrained by the availability of limited information, often ambiguous or inaccurate.
  • Human errors of judgement and biases, often related to the heuristics we rely on to cope with complexity and uncertainty
  • Competing priorities, resource constraints, and broader political considerations

7. Myths and misconceptions about innovation

  • Innovation is good, there is a formula, innovation is linear.

8. Art of attending in healthcare

  • Sharpen observation skills of doctors by having them look at art and think about the whole story.

9&11. Future of healthcare and rural healthcare

  • Healthcare needs to be more personalized, patient-centered and accessible. This change will ideally start in rural areas and work its way into other healthcare systems.

10. Team-base care

  • Changing communication between physicians and those at the top so everyone is working on the same level and is on the same page.

KT1: Pechanec

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