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I would have been done with this assignment earlier today but I was struggling with the function analysis and decided to take a break. I redesigned it several times and became more confused the more I worked on it. Hopefully the way I decided to submit it makes sense…

Survey is completed.

Lorik KT1

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NFCC Survey

What is your name?
Katie Lorik
Are you a graduate student?
This is a complicated question for me. You’ll understand with my response below.
Why did you enroll in this class?
I’ve decided to pursue a career as a Physical Education teacher. I received my Bachelor’s in Sports, Wellness and Recreation Management and this class was one of four courses I am needing to take that were not included in my undergrad. I hope to be accepted in the T2T program in the fall.
Have you heard of my class and/or teaching methodology?
No; I have never heard of Swarm Learning or Plectica.
What are your initial thoughts?
I’m definitely nervous and have no idea what to expect.
What are your expectations of this course?
To open up my mind to a new way of learning and thinking while learning the concepts of Tests and Measurements in Physical Education.
Did you sign up for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account?
Of course!
Did you join the SL Facebook group?