KT1: Daniel Capul


What is your name? Daniel Capul
Are you a graduate student? No, I am a senior at FHSU.
Why did you enroll in this class? My adviser helped me pick my classes and suggested it.

Have you heard of my class or teaching methodology? No, I had not heard of this class or this teaching style. It is not what I am used to, so it will be interesting.

What are your initial thoughts? I am very overwhelmed. I feel like their is a lot of information and I am worried about missing something. I am not a big technology person, so that intimidates me some. I also contemplated dropping the class initially, but I am sticking it out. We can struggle together.

What are your expectations? I expect to get a bigger knowledge set of software programs. I think I will get more comfortable with the technology (I hope).

Did you sign up for the free Plectica account? Yes, I did.

Did you join the facebook group? No, I have not yet. I do not get on facebook very often, so I havent had a chance to join. I will try to get on by the end of the week though.



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