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  1. What is your name? Lindsey Seimears
  2. Are you a graduate student? What year? Yes, I am in graduate school for a Masters in Nursing Administration. My intent is to graduate Spring 2021.
  3. Why did you enroll in this class? I needed an elective and thought this would be helpful for my degree.
  4. Have you heard of my class and/or teaching methodology? No, but it doesn’t make me nervous. I think we all have to adapt to different learning styles regardless if we are taking a class or giving a presentation to a team of employees. It can be applied in all different scenarios.
  5. What are you initial thoughts?  Honestly…… I was not looking forward to figuring out more technology. The blog is outside my comfort zone and plectica as well. Once I figure them out I am sure they will be useful. The course content objectives are spot on for why I enrolled in this course.
  6. What are you expectations of this course?  Initially I thought this class would help me to understand the management of health care organizations, but I think now that I have read through the syllabus it will teach me more about working with others. It will help me to understand how other students think/learn and then when I am in an administrative role it will help me to create a collaborative environment.
  7. Did you signup for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account? Yes I did. It has taken me way to long to do this assignment – NOT good with new technology, but once I get it my anxiety will decrease.
  8. Did you join the SL Facebook Group? Yes, acceptance pending.


4 thoughts on “Seimears KT1

  1. Lindsey, liked your skiing image, i also like to ski, no mountains in Kansas thou. That is exciting that you have about a year till graduation!

  2. Ah, the mountains are so pretty! The adult learner is a funny on-going project in my opinion. In healthcare you definitely have the younger generation that loves computer charting and can whip up a blog in 10 seconds. Then the middle group (me) that can do the charting, presentations and such, but still feels overwhelmed by the speed at which some people go. Then my mother-in-laws generation…she was a nurse for 35 years in a ED. The day she retired she worked a 12-hour shift with her black and red pen still taped together, loved writing on charts in cursive and actually studied for her PALS and ACLS classes. You just gotta love all the dynamics of healthcare providers!

  3. I really love the mountain picture you shared! I was born and raised in Colorado and snowboarding was always one of my favorites growing up! I relate with the blog style being out of my comfort zone but we will all adapt to it!

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