KT1: Jorge Gallegos

KT1 Map Link: https://www.plectica.com/maps/BK82D8HJ5

NFCC Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M2isGs5lh-53RUxpN40X2MFpDGOk_qnGjMdesyGM20M/edit?usp=sharing

Background Questions

  • What is your name?
    My name is Jorge Gallegos.
  • Are you a graduate student? If no, what year?
    No, this is my third year at FHSU (Junior). I am currently majoring in HHP K-12 Teaching & Coaching (Physical Education).
  • Why did you enroll in this class?
    I enrolled in this class because it was a requirement for my degree.
  • Have you heard of my class or teaching methodologies?
    No, I have not heard of your class or teaching methodologies. It’s all new to me this semester.

Expanded Syllabus Questions

  • What are your initial thoughts?
    Honestly, I was pretty confused, annoyed and overwhelmed. I knew I wasn’t going to drop the class regardless and figured I would just have to get through it somehow. With the help of a friend, I was able to better understand and simplify it. Watching the videos was a huge help.
  • What are your expectations for this class?
    I feel like as I start to get more used to the assignments and class as a whole, with time I’ll know what to expect and become prepared week by week. I expect that the class will be unique in a way that will help make learning a subject different compared to the usual “read, take quiz/exam, and write a discussion board” strategy.
  • Did you signup for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account?
    Yes I did. Free is the golden word for a college student.
  • Did you join the SL Facebook Group?
    Yes sir!