KT9- Ristvedt


KT-9! I enjoy learning about current events going on! Help me and other stay more informed! This has been a crazy time lately and I am wondering when is it really going end? Anyways, on a more positive note I am excited for the next assignment! Survey done!

3 thoughts on “KT9- Ristvedt

  1. I agree, I liked this assignment okay for a KT. I think it helped that it was about current times. I won’t lie, my girlfriend is an RN and is part of the COVID command center at her facility so she gives me ear fulls of info all the time. They actually take a military strategic approach to their approach on health care during these times. Its interesting to hear about.

  2. I love how much work you put into this map and it is very organized. I can see that you enjoyed this assignment!

  3. I agree with you, I enjoyed learning about this current event. I also like how it can help all of us stay informed and give more information to others.

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