What Really is ‘Essential’ Right Now

Well here it is…I feel like I should be honest and tell you why I wrote this. I’m a paramedic and work for an international company that has the federal government contract for FEMA deployments here in the US. We have over 38,000 employees in the pre-hospital setting both on the ground and in the air. Over the last 2.5-3 months my entire job has shifted from educating hospital and EMS agencies, to making calls and checking in on our employees that have been exposed to COVID-19, completed a deployment and/or just needed a shoulder to lean on. It has been mentally exhausting sitting behind a computer and feeling helpless as the person on the other end of my phone is in fear or just experienced first hand the intense time in NY and NJ. Mental health has never been on my radar for the past 18 years in EMS…now I’m more aware and passionate about making sure everyone in this career field knows it’s ‘ok’ to not be ‘ok’. There is help out there and it is MORE than ok to accept that help!


Plectica FT8 Map

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The husband is at work and the kids are behaving…the stars have aligned for me to do some finishing of assignments and get them posted!!!! This was a long FT but I had fun building it and adding some color!



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A small delay with getting cards…and then finding some time to sit down and finish this one. I’m hoping to keep going strong today and I WILL BE CAUGHT UP BEFORE FRIDAY!!! I just have to keep telling myself that (and believe it).


I still have an incredible amount of time to put into my blog, but this one will hit very close to home. I actually thought about this topic the other night after screening one of our exposed employees. Hearing them say, ‘I guess this is what I get for being essential when I’m not even essential in my own home.’

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Plectica: https://www.plectica.com/maps/V0QUGNP6X


My apologies everyone. Please bare with me as I try and catch up before Monday night. Life has been turned upside down lately. I really like the function map in this. I almost want to show it to my 5 year old…she would LOVE it!



Plectica Map


Hey everyone! Yes, it is now after midnight on Friday and yes, this probably would have been done 2 hours ago…but once I got started, it was really kind of fun to play around with my map! I look forward to learning from all of you this semester. ‘Patience is a virtue’ came to mind a lot the last few days, but now I’m feeling like May 2020 I will be walking in graduation! I challenged myself when we got pregnant with our daughter that I would finish my Bachelor’s before she started school. Well, she starts Kindergarten in August so….

Since 2002 I have served as an EMT and Paramedic in South Central Kansas. I worked for five years as the state coordinator on a Federal Grant specific to pediatric readiness for EMS agencies and hospitals before leaving the government world in June last year and dipping my toes into private industry. Currently I am an Outreach Educator for an aeromedical service and mainly serve the Western Kansas range. My husband has been a firefighter for the last 17 years in Wichita and we have a 5-year old daughter and 3-year old son. We are all Irish so we have a lot of energy in this house!! We love to travel, have large families and are loyal to our Kansas City Royals and Chiefs!