Module 2 – Katie Bieker

Good afternoon, Dr. Schwandt and classmates.  I am very behind but planning to catch up as best I can.  I work in healthcare administration and my world has been completely taken over by Covid-19.  As such, school has sadly been put on the back burner.  I had planned to strive for the highest grade possible in this course.  Now I have a new goal – to contribute by creating some content that will give all of you real-life examples of the topics covered in this course as I’m experiencing them during this unprecedented time.

For Module 2, I completed the following two blogs and one map during these past few weeks.  Combined they cover all of the required questions and topics.

Module 2, Blog #1:
What is the Purpose of Healthcare Administration During a Pandemic?

Module 2, Blog #2:
The Function of Teams in Healthcare During a Pandemic

Plectica Map:
Ten Steps to Systems Thinking
For this map I used the example of the drive-through lab we developed for patients to get the lab work they need without having to go inside the hospital.   

I hope you find these examples and stories interesting and helpful as we learn about healthcare administration together.  I will have more assignments complete soon.  Have a good weekend!



EM3 – Katie Bieker

The below map is my deconstruction of a prior student’s essay about using Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare.

Link to the map:


This is a link to my Thesis Generator results on the topic of using Lean Six Sigma in healthcare:


I am passionate about operational excellence and it has many implications in my real life.  The essay I read inspired me to take the argument further.  I am off to take the Survey Monkey right now…


KT 1: Mary (Katie) Bieker

My NFCC Document


What is your name?

Katie Bieker

Are you a graduate student?

I am an MPS graduate student studying Public Health Administration.

Why did you enroll in this class?

I am in this class because it is a requirement for this degree. Also, the content should be extremely applicable to my career and current position.

Have you heard of my class and/or teaching methodology?


What are your initial thoughts?

I am honestly very concerned. Although I can already see the merits to this learning style, I have extremely limited time and have barely been squeezing school into my life. I tried working on this several times during the week, and it was taking so much time. Hopefully it will get easier as I get more comfortable with the concept and platform. I’m sure it will!

What are you expectations of this course?

My expectation of myself is that I will figure out the course teaching methodology quickly so that it can become secondary to learning the material. My expectation of the class is that I learn modern concepts of healthcare administration, including how to remain profitable and patient-first as the industry transitions to a pay-for-performance reimbursement model. I’m hoping for some help understanding revenue cycle and service line development.

Did you signup for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account?


Did you join the SL Facebook Group?

Yes – I asked to join this afternoon; pending.