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Need for Cognitive Closure Survey

What is your name? Geoffry Genna

Are you a graduate student? Yes.  If all goes well, this will be my final semester at FHSU.

Why did you enroll in this class? This class is an elective (my 3rd and final) towards an MBA in Healthcare Management.  I am currently a P3 pharmacy student at a separate university and part of why I enrolled at FHSU, rather than my school’s dual PharmD/MBA program, is that the program offered this concentration.  I currently work in a hospital and expect to do so for many years to come.  This class appears to offer great insight into what I will experience.

Have you heard of my class or teaching methodologies? I have not.  It definitely appears that this class will force some creativity out of me.

What are your initial thoughts? I have been through a lot of schooling (5 years undergraduate, a few years of pharmacy and MBA prerequisites, 3 years of pharmacy school, and a few semesters pursuing an MBA) yet this class appears like nothing I have experienced before.  While I am not sure I will completely enjoy the format/structure, this experience will certainly be beneficial.

What are your expectations for this course? I expect to gain a deeper understanding of how healthcare organizations operate.

Did you sign up for the FHSU promo free Plectica account? That appears to be the route I went.

Did you join the SL Facebook Group? I am a member of the group.