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Blog Deconstruction: I deconstructed the “Cynefin Framework — Domains that can help in all environments! ” Blog

I think the writer did a good job of expressing the need for a solution to healthcare-related problems, and how to implement a solution using the Cynefin Framework.


-Cynefin Framework within the administration of healthcare.

I choose to direct my blog post toward the branch of home health care.

The Cynefin framework helps problem-solving by finding the right approach for the situation, not every problem has a one-size-fits-all solution.

There are complex, complicated, chaotic and obvious portions of problem-solving according to the framework.


I did complete the survey.



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Systems Thinking: Is a complex way of thinking differently than a person is used to. It allows for many different inputs by taking apart a concept or issue and tackling each individual issue one by one and then putting it back together.

Improving Quality of healthcare: it is apparent that there is a need for more systems thinking in place to really evaluate the problems that are faced and fix them properly for the long term.

Chapter Discission: I found many of the parts to be interesting regarding how/when they became important and why. I did not think about how important the relationships between every single part of an organization need to work together to be successful. Systems thinking models allow for discussions to occur among all of the different sectors of an organization, and allow them to come up with mutual ideas on what will be the best solution.

How DSRP and WHO Differ: To me, they seem very similar. The difference I notice is within the terminology used for both. In the end, though, they mean relatively the same thing.
The WHO system does have a few more steps but I think the topics/pieces are just broken down more.





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What is your name? Danae West

Are you a Graduate student? No, I am a senior.

Why did you enroll in this course? Because I  needed more upper-division credit hours to fulfill my degree.

What are your expectations? I expect to be challenged to think about topics in a completely different way.

Have you heard of my class and/or teaching methodology? Yes, I previously took another course Tests and measurements.

Did you sign up for the FHSU Promo free Plectica Account? I have an active account from the last course I took that used Plectica, so I am not sure.

Did you join the SL Facebook Group?  I requested to join!