CM 15 – Anthony W

What is meant by directionality of flows? Globalization has affected nearly all facets of life, including the health care sector. As an outcome, persons are now more aware of the prevalence & significance of the various societies beyond their own national boundaries. Globalization, due to the enhanced interconnectedness that it supports, has altered directions impacting… Read more CM 15 – Anthony W

EM11 – Anthony W.

Title: Biomimicry: Biologically Correct Introduction: Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. Thesis: Biomimicry is a great road map to follow to make a better product because Biomimicry fits and works with things because it fits into nature and the world perfectly because it… Read more EM11 – Anthony W.


What did you think of the Syllabus? Was it helpful? The syllabus was pretty straight forward and in the typical format I am used to. What did you think of the Textbook? Recommended Reading/Books? Were they helpful? The reading in the textbook so far has been very informative. The textbook reading is very easy to… Read more FM8

EM7 – Anthony W.

Toulmin – Trevor Reaction Toulmin – Angles on Childhood Obesity Red Team – Trevor Reaction Red Team – Angles of Childhood Obesity Thesis Statement Guide Results Thesis Statement Model #1: Sample Thesis Statement Biomimicry is a great road map to follow to make a better product Thesis Statement Model #2: Thesis… Read more EM7 – Anthony W.