FM 17

I feel really bad throwing all of that text into a post, so here’s a link to my map.  I didn’t color it as nicely as it was freaking out this evening, not allowing me to make connections from the boxes or even letting me change the colors.

Chris Payne EM11   Red Teaming in Healthcare Create transparency, understanding and a healthy culture among providers and management. – Making my point in the first two sentences: In the era of for-profit health care, one of the biggest losers is the relationship between providers (doctors and nurses) and management.  Red Teaming is a strategy that brings… Read more Chris Payne EM11

Chris Payne CM10 What is strategy? What is strategic management? What are the characteristics of strategy? How has strategos evolved? Describe the strategic process. What are the components of a business model? What is the difference between mission and vision? What is the hospital business model? Explain the elements of evaluating and organizational environment. Describe the Five… Read more Chris Payne CM10

FM8 – Chris Payne Resources – 1. Are the how-to videos still providing value? Please explain. I still really appreciate the videos.  While I do use your maps for reference, I feel like I’m better able to deliver what you’re looking for because of the videos. – 2. Are the documents and videos I am providing valuable? Please… Read more FM8 – Chris Payne