EM11- Emma Ware

Hi everyone! I did not answer the questions in the map because we already answered them in the a previous concept map, but I am happy to paste my answers here again if necessary. Red Team Blog Outline:  Map Link on Plectica- https://www.plectica.com/maps/UNIEBJ28Y/edit/SAGOYS4MP Introduction: Thesis: Red Teaming as a military strategy tool is effective, but… Read more EM11- Emma Ware

CM10- Emma Ware

Link to Thortspace Map: https://thort.space/444237003 How have strategies evolved?: Strategies were previously used only during wars and conflicts between regions of the world. These conflicts appear to be the reason strategies were developed in the first place. The Romans designed war strategy that became the subject of essays due to the effectiveness of their military.… Read more CM10- Emma Ware

CM9- Emma Ware

Emma Ware Plectica Map Attached!: https://www.plectica.com/maps/FO6PE871Y/edit/F6V8596AC Admin- CM 9, Ch. 6 What is the sender, receiver, feedback model and how does it apply to you?: This model is a slightly more advanced model of the ‘speaker-listener model’ created by Laswell (& Aristotle). This model accounts for any issues or misunderstandings that may come about from… Read more CM9- Emma Ware

FM8- Emma Ware

Plectica Map: https://www.plectica.com/maps/XE00ZPL70/edit/5DM5Y1KGA How-To Videos: I still enjoy the How-to Videos and I really appreciate that they are shorter! I honestly wouldn’t know how to start the assignments without them! Documents to Read & Videos to Watch:  think the videos are really helpful to understand concepts, and I will read the documents to help clarify… Read more FM8- Emma Ware

EM7- Emma Ware

I have not put all of the questions and answers down here because there are a lot of pieces to this assignment. BUT, I have included all 5 of the Plectica maps here: Thesis Guide: https://www.plectica.com/maps/X4WZ0QCKZ/edit/K1LEKCXMJ Red Team Student Blog: https://www.plectica.com/maps/9N40KZ1OQ/edit/P4NG8H80N Toulmin Student Blog: https://www.plectica.com/maps/6KHCIJ8XC/edit/3LT6VDUQY Red Team Trevor Noah: https://www.plectica.com/maps/DEXUE4EW0/edit/3OEH6ICHU Toulmin Trevor Noah: https://www.plectica.com/maps/WCKILOSVK/edit/HRYVF9HMG

Emma Ware CM2

What is health care administration?: Health care administration involves multiple individuals, groups and facilities. Facilities must be able to provide care for their patients and give them effective and efficient treatments. Department heads of organized systems and groups within a healthcare facility communicate with one another to ensure the best care is received by the… Read more Emma Ware CM2