Nathan Dooley

I am an online student returning to school from a short break in order to find my passion. My wife, and son live in Wichita, KS and are excited for me to finish up my BS. A passion of mine is nutrition, so with a little luck I hope to advance to becoming a dietitian.


Plectica Map: I want to say that I have enjoyed everyones post this semester.  This course has helped my family and I get through some rough times while also allowing me to finish school work.  I loved seeing everyones perspectives and look forward to seeing what everyone can do in the near future.

Cynefin Framework – Domains that can help in all environments!

Blog post: Here is my blog post, I take you through what Cynefin Framework is and my thoughts on how it could be applied within health care.  Any and all comments, perspectives are encouraged.  I hope you enjoy.


Plectica Map: What is meant by directionality of flows? This is aimed at patients, poviders, and policies that can move throughout the globe.  Like Medical tourism an individual is able to move around to find the best healthcare for them, and thier policy. What is meant by reverse innovation and explain how you could… Read more CM15


What is autonomy and how does it apply in healthcare administration? Autonomy: Free Will should come to mind. The individual, organization, institution, or entity is free from all limitations or control from others.  This also means that they should be able to understand and have access to information needed upon making an informed and meaningful… Read more CM14


Honestly I have not been able to make as much progress on my blog as I hoped.  I have finally developed questions for my previous manager of a hospital floor and will be sending him the questions soon.  I will be able to make some head way now that we have found some releif for… Read more EM11

CM10 How have strategies evolved? Strategos evolved starting with planning of a military campaign. Generals often logged their experiences and wisdom to improve their army’s propects in future battles. This motivated leaders to further training and obtain a competitive edge. As the industrial revolution progressed many companies started getting to the size where coordination and… Read more CM10


Here is CM9, I finally finished this assignment.  The past month has not been nice to my family and I.  So to shed just a little light on what it has consisted of, my wife has been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  It is draining all the energy from both of us; her just trying to… Read more CM9


Discuss the typology of teams in health care. Provide an analysis of each element. Function or Purpose We must first see whether or not a team is actually needed.  Once the team has been established they must have an objective or task.  This is were there purporse comes, work team, project team, support team, management… Read more CM6