CM 15 – Anthony W

  1. What is meant by directionality of flows?
    1. Globalization has affected nearly all facets of life, including the health care sector. As an outcome, persons are now more aware of the prevalence & significance of the various societies beyond their own national boundaries. Globalization, due to the enhanced interconnectedness that it supports, has altered directions impacting patients, health care personnel & managerial ways. On account of medical tourism, patients are nowadays going for treatments overseas. Also, healthcare personnel have been relocating overseas & various nations are nowadays sharing new managerial practices. Due to these determinants, it has become apparent that the US healthcare system has several failings, like its excessive pricing as compared to other nations
  2. What is meant by reverse innovation and explain how you could use the idea in healthcare administration?
    1. Reverse innovation – a principle well established in the business world, describes the flow of ideas from emerging to more developed economies.
  3. What is your Enneagram personality type? Why should you be aware of your personality type?
    1. a type 7 (the Enthusiast) with 7w8 wing.
    2. Self-preservation variant
  4. Just for fun… what is your Enneagram spirit animal?
    1. Otter
  5. What is 4-Ways of Seeing? Demonstrate the technique with an understanding of personality types. X = you, Y = Dr. Schwandt
    1. Looks at how you see the world and the people you are in contact with see the world
  6. What is String of Pearls? Demonstrate the technique using the concept of reverse innovation.
    1. String of Pearls is best suited to a parallel planning process, where the staff continues to plan separately while the Red Team independently assesses the plan, i.e., investigating effects and assumptions. Additionally, it can be used in concert or stand alone, i.e., an analysis of an enemy plan to surface differing strategies. Either way, exposing critical vulnerabilities in the plan allows the command to mitigate those liabilities.

2 thoughts on “CM 15 – Anthony W

  1. Anthony,
    I wish I was an otter! I think it is interesting because we are so different with our personality types (I am a 2), but we are both working toward a degree and in the same classes. I think that illustrates why it is important to look at our personalities and how they can work well together.

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