Blog Post on Biomimicry – Stephanie Flores

How Nature Inspires Design — Biomimicry By: Stephanie Flores, December 9, 2019 How could we use biomimicry to improve administration in health care? Biomimicry has the potential of helping administration in healthcare move forward with the goal of providing unparalleled sustainability of performance. The idea is improvement and progress. Evolution exhibits itself through organisms changing… Read more Blog Post on Biomimicry – Stephanie Flores

What I Learned From Swarm Learning – Essay by Josefina Howard

What I Learned from Swarm Learning A Blog/Essay by Josefina Howard, Student – HHP 630, Fall 2019, FHSU https://medium.com/@jrhoward4/what-i-learned-from-swarm-learning-34dd2c278692 My real college journey began in July 2011 when I decided to learn about the process of aging. I had been caring for my elderly mother who was suffering from total delirium and other complicated illnesses… Read more What I Learned From Swarm Learning – Essay by Josefina Howard

Emma Ware- Blog

Hello guys! I have included the link to my blog down below. The blog examines Red Teaming and how it might be applied in healthcare. https://medium.com/@esware/red-teaming-bringing-your-healthcare-team-up-to-new-standards-70d7c970fd6f I have enjoyed this semester with you all. Good luck in all your future endeavors and congratulations to those who are graduating!

The Cynefin Framework and Making Sense of Life Events

Hi Dr. Schwandt and Fellow Students, Here is my Blog/Essay: The Cynefin Framework and Making Sense of Life Events I had difficulty with formatting bullet points on Medium. To maintain my preferred formatting, I converted my Word Doc essay draft (8 pages) into images and embedded them into the blog page. Here is the link… Read more The Cynefin Framework and Making Sense of Life Events


Plectica Map: https://www.plectica.com/maps/7PR3ZK6WL I want to say that I have enjoyed everyones post this semester.  This course has helped my family and I get through some rough times while also allowing me to finish school work.  I loved seeing everyones perspectives and look forward to seeing what everyone can do in the near future.

Cynefin Framework – Domains that can help in all environments!

Blog post: https://medium.com/cynefin-framework-domains-that-can-help-in-all/cynefin-framework-domains-that-can-help-in-all-environments-7a527c3519ed?sk=d9699d36ecf66ef4a9c5ed29bbdd56c6 Here is my blog post, I take you through what Cynefin Framework is and my thoughts on how it could be applied within health care.  Any and all comments, perspectives are encouraged.  I hope you enjoy.

FM17 – James DeGrechie

Plectica Link: https://www.plectica.com/maps/ISTETZNI9 And now… the end is near… All kidding aside, this has been every bit the different, and enjoyable, learning experience that it was purported to be.  I have chosen to forego the potential TL:DR by posting all of my answers in textual format; instead, please see the Plectica presentation up top.  Many… Read more FM17 – James DeGrechie