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How Nature Inspires Design — Biomimicry By: Stephanie Flores, December 9, 2019 How could we use biomimicry to improve administration in health care? Biomimicry has the potential of helping administration in healthcare move forward with the goal of providing unparalleled sustainability of performance. The idea is improvement and progress. Evolution exhibits itself through organisms changing… Read more Blog Post on Biomimicry – Stephanie Flores

CM15: Stephanie Flores

What is meant by directionality of flows? Directionality of flows within healthcare is represented by the trends seen globally when people travel to seek medical attention for specific reasons. It can be seen when people travel to less-developed countries for medical attention or when people travel to more developed countries for medical attention. Financial reasons… Read more CM15: Stephanie Flores

CM10: Stephanie Flores

How has strategos evolved? It began to signify the planning of military campaigns and purposes. Strategy and organizational structure were taken into account. Strategy changed along with the emerging of more advanced weaponry. It is deliberate and allows for guidance towards the goal wanting to be achieved. What is strategic management? The strategy externally and… Read more CM10: Stephanie Flores

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Are the how-to videos still providing value? Please explain.Yes! These videos still allow me to visually follow the expectations that are required for each assignment. They are very helpful! Are the documents and videos I am providing valuable? Please explain.The content that is provided through these via documents and videos have been interesting reads and… Read more FM8: Stephanie Flores