EM 11: Stephanie Flores

My blog outline is yet to be refined, but I keep repeating to myself possibilities are endless on a level that is difficult to grasp!

Topic: How could we use biomimicry to improve administration in health care?

Biomimicry has the potential of helping administration in healthcare move forward with the goal of providing unparalleled sustainability of performance. The idea is improvement and progress. Evolution exhibits itself through organisms changing and adapting in a way that allows for their survival as the environment around them changes. Therefore, humans too experience the need to adapt as society’s needs change over time. There is information on biomimicry having an impact in the health care industry as far as skin-related ailments go, certain medical equipment, and it offers much promise for further innovations that will continue to help health care in different ways.

What is Biomimicry?

Biomimicry is the practice of learning from nature, imitating its forms and processes to solve problems humans face. Biomimicry plays an auspicious role in innovation.

There are “more than 30 million species and their ecosystems” that have graced the earth from which there is endless material and information that can be learned from.  “Biomimicry considers animals, plants, and microbes as exemplary engineering models, and various biological inspiration levels can be used to identify application analogies. (FutureBridge)

 Examples of how it is used today, showing its impact & relevance

kingfisher beak – low resistance/ less noise
whale edged fins – turbine blades
burrs of burdock – velcro
antibacterial – shark skin, cicada wings

*adding existing data and statistics for impact

Importance in today’s climate

*Speak on today’s climate change, environmental resources & tie it to how biomimicry would play a role in health care.

Our current society is fast-moving and health care is an industry that has no choice but to keep up with the demands involving caring for people’s overall well-being.

Nature itself has developed more than 3 billion years of material, footprint, and working systems that continue to evolve in ways that will provide answers for us in the long run.

Examples of the potential Biomimicry has to offer

– Examples of use: dental material – shark teeth
diaper material – oyster shell protein
wound sutures – insect cuticle
bone strength/ support/ flexibility – elephant trunk

Transition to ways it can improve administration in health care

– can provide examples, structure for carrying out more efficient mechanisms in health care administration
– preventative
– healing
– delivery

Main Promise/ Conclusive remarks:

Designs and processes created through biomimicry will be based on precedents set forth by nature and biology that has already troubleshooted certain ways of problem solving. Therefore, there is more promise to build off of longstanding material.

  • More sustainable processes
  • More economic, environmental, and social returns that can be regenerated through the innovations and designs biomimicry has to offer.

Plectica Map of Outline: https://www.plectica.com/maps/QRF35T1HH

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