November 2019

CM15- Emma Ware

Plectica Map Link: What is meant by directionality of flows?: Deconstruction: Individuals tend to travel for medical procedures from under-developed to developed countries and vice versa. However, patients from developed countries are actually migrating to undeveloped countries to receive lower cost medical procedures. Selection: 1) Qualified health professionals are decreasing in lower income countries… Read more CM15- Emma Ware

CM14- Emma Ware

I have included the URL to my Thortspace map with my questions down below!:   What is autonomy & how does it apply in healthcare administration?: Autonomy involves individual freedoms to act or follow his or her own wishes. Autonomy can apply to individuals, organizations, institutions or other entities. In all of these cases,… Read more CM14- Emma Ware

CM15: Stephanie Flores

What is meant by directionality of flows? Directionality of flows within healthcare is represented by the trends seen globally when people travel to seek medical attention for specific reasons. It can be seen when people travel to less-developed countries for medical attention or when people travel to more developed countries for medical attention. Financial reasons… Read more CM15: Stephanie Flores

CM 15 – Anthony W

What is meant by directionality of flows? Globalization has affected nearly all facets of life, including the health care sector. As an outcome, persons are now more aware of the prevalence & significance of the various societies beyond their own national boundaries. Globalization, due to the enhanced interconnectedness that it supports, has altered directions impacting… Read more CM 15 – Anthony W