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Biomimicry: Biologically Correct


Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

Thesis: Biomimicry is a great road map to follow to make a better product because Biomimicry fits and works with things because it fits into nature and the world perfectly because it is what nature already does., We are already using Biomimicry in some of our most technological advancements in human history., and It is used by nature which through evolution has had hundreds of years of trial and error to perfect itself..

What will be in the blog: examples of biomimicry, an introduction to biomimicry (as many may not be familiar with the name, success of biomimicry based technology advancements, information on why we should be focusing on biomimicry as the way of the future creations.

Body: Short, concise sentences to engage the readers!

Main Idea 1- Biomimicry fits and works with things because it fits into nature and the world perfectly

  • It is based off nature
  • Nature has its designed tried and tested

Main Idea 2- Biomimicry has been proven to work.

  • We have already been using biomimicry in everyday uses
  • Biggest Technology advances have been through biomimicry

Main Idea 3- Biomimicy is a way to keep is one with nature.

  • Biomimicy design fits into the look of our natural surroundings
  • Biomimicry is less invasive and obstructive of nature


Take Away: With Biomimicry we are setting ourselves up with a blueprint for success

  • Nature is always chaging and evolving to the current needs. Our Technology will too.
  • Using nature to fit in naturally will lead to a better syncing with our surrounding, leading to more efficient creations.


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  1. Great Job! I cant wait to read your full blog, I think that you have a great outline set up.

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