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Red Teaming in Healthcare
Create transparency, understanding and a healthy culture among providers and management.
– Making my point in the first two sentences:
In the era of for-profit health care, one of the biggest losers is the relationship between providers (doctors and nurses) and management.  Red Teaming is a strategy that brings both parties to the table to create a way forward.

– Evidence
Relationships between physicians and administrators are tense and fractured.

Red Teaming involves getting stakeholders in the room, looking at what could go right and what could go wrong.  Requires buy-in to work.  Forces objective perspectives, both positive and negative.

– Explore Implications
By defining what could go right and make whatever change is needed to go well, these things become values and metrics and require participation to be successful.

Things that would make it fail become pain points and should be addressed before they become concerns.  Policies and values should follow to ensure things don’t fail.

– Contrary points
Some members of team may not feel the freedom to speak up due to the power or authority of others in the room.

This kind of conversation requires people who have organizational thinking, meaning they can think beyond their area for the good of the organization.  It also requires a low ego and the ability to objectively look from other perspectives.

– The Way forward:
Get administrators and providers in the room for the next change that is required.  Make sure they care about the organization.  This requires patient-care, employee well-being, financial consideration and influence in whatever group they represent as a stakeholder in this upcoming change.

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  1. Great job Chris, wow! Yours looks great. Especially in comparison to mine. I am currently working on a full draft right now. I will get that uploaded once it is completed.

  2. Great job on your EM11 assignment. I love that you included a full draft of your blog with your map. It helps connect all of the pieces from your blog outline map.

  3. Chris, this is looking great. I wish i was as far along as your are. You already have a rough draft up and ready! You are almost done! actually the hardest part is done since all you need to do now is tweak the rough draft.

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