James DeGrechie CM1

What is your name: James DeGrechie

Are you a Graduate Student?: I am indeed. I am in my penultimate semester of the MSN Administration program, with plans to graduate in May 2020.

Why did you enroll in this class?: It seemed to be an appropriate class to take, given my current course of study.  On top of that, the course description appealed to me.

Where are you from?: I was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada,  and raised mostly in Toronto and Sudbury, ON.  An overwhelming aversion to shoveling snow led me to relocate to St. Petersburg, FL, shortly after high school.  Fast forward a decade or two, fresh out of nursing school, I moved to Texas in 2009 to seek my fortune (what was I thinking?!?).  I currently reside on the outskirts of Dallas.

Have you heard of my class or teaching methodology?: Honestly, I had not heard much about your class or your pedagogical approach.  I will admit that I found your tagline of  “how to think, not what to think” very appealing.

What are your initial thoughts?: I have been impressed thus far with your implementation of technology, as well as your departure from the standard “inundate with APA-format papers” tactic that I have seen so frequently in my nursing education. I have to admit — my interest is piqued in anticipation of what lies ahead.

What are your expectations of this course? My only expectation of this course is that I will get out of it what I put into it.

Did you sign up for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account?: I did sign up for the free basic program.  I was unable to access the free upgrade to Plectica Pro, however, so hopefully that will not impede my progress.

Did you sign up for 1-year Tableau Student License?: As a matter of fact, I did; thank you so much for asking!  I am looking forward to taking this software for a test drive; I was unfamiliar with Tableau prior to the start of this class.

Plectica Link:  https://www.plectica.com/maps/LIABSF61V

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  1. I wish I was not so apprehensive about my ability to navigate through all of these programs and creating blogs and was as excited as you seem to be. Maybe it will get better as I work through assignments.

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