Anthony – CM1

What is your name:  Anthony Washington?

Are you a Graduate Student? Yes, this is my final semester. I received my undergrad in Kinesiology at Louisiana State University. I am currently working within Group Healthcare Benefits on the consulting side. Group Healthcare Benefits was the gateway for me to pursue the MBA in Healthcare Management.

Why did you enroll in this class? I am in the MBA in Healthcare Management program. I plan to work in the Administration division in a hospital or clinic. This class seems like it would be helpful in getting me to my goals.

Where are you from?  I am from Alexandria, Louisiana but I currently live in Kansas City, MO. I was born and raised in Louisiana and moved to Kansas City when I graduated from LSU. I have been in KC for 10 years.

Have you heard of my class or teaching methodology? I have not heard of your class or your teaching methodology. I am very adaptive and this seems much more interested than the regular “Homework-Quiz-Exam-Research Paper” platform that majority of my U.S. education system has enacted. I appreciate you for challenging the norm!

What are your initial thoughts? As with most new things I had a panic moment because this is now what I know. Being my last semester, I just wanted to stay in my comfort zone and graduate the best I know how. I didn’t want to rock the boat with my last 2 classes, but after waiting your video it calmed me. You made me feel excited to learn something new and since you are excited about it, I am confident that will transmit over to your assignments and will resonate within us.

What are your expectations of this course? I expect to gain a better Idea of the Healthcare structure on the administration level.

Did you sign up for the FHSU Promo free Plectica account? I did sign up for the FHSU Plectica account. Plectica seems cool. Feels like a great tool to have working knowledge with for other areas of my life, such as work.

Did you sign up for 1-year Tableau Student License? I have signed up for Tableau and I received my email with my key code to activate the desktop application.


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