Stephanie Flores CM1

Background Questions:

  1. Name: Stephanie Flores
  2. From: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  3. Graduate Student? Yes
  4. Have you heard from my class and/or teaching methodology? No I had not heard of this class or the methodology previously.
  5. Why did you enroll in this class? I am very interested in seeing a more intricate lens regarding the administrative side of healthcare and no matter how in depth we go, I know I will receive more information and insight that will help me decide what career path to take.


  1. Initial thoughts: I am a visual learner so I had to go back and re-read step by step and the video helped me feel good about how to use this medium.
  2. Course expectations: I expect to become more well-versed in the technology we will be using for the class assignments, and have a few more resources under my belt as I take in the knowledge I will learn from the book.
  3. Free Plectica code: I am sure I did as I clicked the link in the syllabus and was able to create the first concept map.
  4. Student 1 year Tableau license: Yes!

Link to Plectica Map:

2 thoughts on “Stephanie Flores CM1

  1. I am glad I am not the only one that had to view the how to video more than once, although I had to view it multiple times. I am an older student and not from the computer literate generation, but I am working on improving my knowledge and abilities to navigate these programs. We shall see how well I progress !??

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