Lara Newman- CM15

What is meant by directionality of flows?

We are to not assume that developed countries should flow to less developed countries. We also can’t assume that increased flows are beneficial to all concerned. Meaning, sometimes patients from wealthier countries to go to less wealthy countries to save money, and vice versa for those that live in less wealthy countries. Some patients believe wealthier/more developed countries have better care for patients.


What is meant by reverse innovation and explain how you could use the idea in healthcare administration?

Innovation should be sourced to the smaller/less developed markets first, rather than introducing them into a larder more developed market. I know this isn’t necessarily an example of testing something out in a less developed country, but an example that comes to mind for me is my organization at work. Eight years ago, a group of people decided to offer a more affordable, less customizable, EHR system for critical access hospitals (25 beds or less). Since my organizations had great success with this model, we are now offering it to hospital groups, as well as hospitals that are 200 plus beds. This model allows my company to manage more of the system maintenance rather than hiring a big IT staff to help manage the system.


What is your Enneagram personality type? Why should you be aware of your personality type?

I received a 2w3 or a 3w2. I don’t believe the test could determine an exact number, so it put me between the two. I have to be aware of my personality type because I know at times, I can let my emotions get the best of me. The “nurturer” in me can make me look soft to management and my peers. I am a project manager, so the last thing I want is to look soft. The faster test put me at a hard 2! I also have a hard time overcommitting at work. This sometimes puts me in situations where I am working during my PTO or holidays. It is hard for me to say no.

What is your Enneagram spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a dog.

What is a 4-ways of seeing? Demonstrate the technique with an understanding of personality types.

The 4-ways of seeing is how you view yourself, how they (people you work with) see themselves, how they see you, and how you see “them”.

EX: How I view myself, how Dr. Schwandt sees himself, how Dr. Schwant sees me, and how I see Dr. Schwandt.

X=you  Y= Dr. Schwandt

 What is String of Pearls? Demonstrate the technique using the concept of reverse innovation?

String of pearls is a process that is used to help teams analyze a plan. They need to identify the pearls across the plan, grade the pearls, find the critical path, and speak to the critical pearls in the plan.

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