CM 15 – Sam Ottley


What is meant by directionality of flows?


This can mean how we view the patients providers and other policies in the health care industry. This goes for this view even far outside of our own global boundaries and across the world.


What is meant by reverse innovation and explain how you could use the idea in healthcare administration?


It is an innovation either seen first or used first, in small or less developed markets before spreading to the larger, more developed markets. This is more or less known as a “test”, being able to use it and see if it works and then brining it into more developed markets.


What is your Enneagram personality type? Why should you be aware of your personality type?

I am a 9! Being aware of our personality type is important, if it does truly fit then it can help us fulfill the role that we are best suited to help with and be successful in.

Just for fun… what is your Enneagram spirit animal?

My Spirit animal is a dog!


What is 4-Ways of Seeing? Demonstrate the technique with an understanding of personality types.

The 4- ways of seeing is 1) How you view yourself, 2) How others see themselves, 3) How they see you, and 4) How you see them.


One example of this is how on a team I may view myself as a leader, but others actually view me as a mediator and others thinking that they are mediators when they are really leaders.


What is String of Pearls? Demonstrate the technique using the concept of reverse innovation.

The String of pearls is something out of the Red Team handbook. It is a way to ensure that teams consider unintentional consequences. In my eyes, its an easy to way to get rid of groupthink.


Your map should include the 4-Ways of Seeing technique and String of Pearls (at a minimum).

One thought on “CM 15 – Sam Ottley

  1. I agree that if we know our own personality types we can see what best suits us. It is also great to know the other personality types in order to communicate effectively with these personalities and adjust accordingly. I enjoy how you start out with the flow card and then everything else seems to flow out to the end with the colors.

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