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Systems thinking can aid Healthcare and bring about an approach that looks at the market and industry as a whole, which will help with success and move forward. Fostering a culture of Systems Thinking and realizing those with potential to bring about systems thinking can make a massive impact on this.


Idea 1:

Who would systems thinking help?

How would it help them?

What tools are in place or need to be implemented to complete this?

Idea 2:

Identifying systems thinkers.

Fostering a culture of systems thinkers.

Identify leverage points.

Idea 3:

Sickness Prevention

Sick care

Eliminating incentives for Sick care



Systems thinking can help the healthcare industry by making it more efficient as well as making the world a safer place to live in for everyone else, which should be the main motivation in the healthcare industry.

4 thoughts on “Sam Ottley – EM 11

  1. The map looks great, I look forward to your work with swarm thinking. Your map is fitting and shows how swarm thinking is helping create this blog/essay.

  2. Good idea, your ideas seem like you used ThinkQuiry to come up with fitting questions, which is great! I think taking Systems Thinking and trying to open it up and help others understand it is important, especially since we have used it so much in this class and, as some of you have mentioned, in your workplaces!

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