CM15: Stephanie Flores

What is meant by directionality of flows?

Directionality of flows within healthcare is represented by the trends seen globally when people travel to seek medical attention for specific reasons. It can be seen when people travel to less-developed countries for medical attention or when people travel to more developed countries for medical attention. Financial reasons or renowned quality care play a role into the decisions made regarding travelling for health care. In addition, health care administrative decisions as well as coverage and eligibility can affect how the directionality of flows plays out nationally and internationally. These are multidirectional and nonlinear.

What is meant by reverse innovation and explain how you could use the idea in healthcare administration?

Reverse innovation means focusing on less developed countries and learning from their markets to then introduce innovation in more developed countries (generally associated with the West). In healthcare administration sometimes it helps to “go back to basics” in a way to regroup and find the core of the improvements that need to be made, as well as from a fresh perspective find ways to approach these improvements. This is representative of looking into the less developed countries and see how they are able to run things successfully with more limited resources.

What is your Enneagram personality type? Why should you be aware of your personality type?

My personality type is Type 2, The Helper. It specified further that it can be type 2 wing 1 (The perfectionist). And my variant is self-preservation. It is good to be aware of one’s personality type to understand how one works, responds, interacts with others, and internalizes things. It is a self-reflection tool.

Just for fun… what is your Enneagram spirit animal?

My spirit animal is the Dog or “service dog.” It certainly resonates with who I am in that I internalize and care about people’s concerns more than they do at times! Yikes!

What is 4-Ways of Seeing? Demonstrate the technique with an understanding of personality types. 

 4-ways of seeing has “perspective” written all over it! In any situation, especially those of conflict, I feel its very mature to remember to see where each person is coming from. This is the first thought I had when reading on this technique. There aren’t always just two actors or team players in the situation to be analyzed which would make it more complex. Varying personality types would create the major disconnects that happen when an adversary think about how he or she feels about another adversary and vice versa. Someone who is more passive could have less critical views of someone who despises that person because they may be more defensive or confrontational.

  • X = Me
  • Y = Dr. Schwandt
  1. The dog X sees herself as a learner, open-minded yet a bit reluctant to step out of her comfort zone.
  2. The honey badger Y sees himself as the leader of our HHP 630 course, commanding our attention to create critical thinkers!
  3. X views Y as open to taking on the new assignments and challenges with a positive attitude.
  4. Y views X as a knowledgeable leader whose mission is to put up a good challenge for personal growth.

What is String of Pearls? Demonstrate the technique using the concept of reverse innovation.

String of Pearls is a tool that helps a team analyze a plan and analyzing the vulnerabilities of the plan.

The “major tasks” represent the pearls, and each pearl has a web-diagram.

Reverse innovation – Shown in Concept Map.


Plectica Map:

3 thoughts on “CM15: Stephanie Flores

  1. Really nice answers on this assignment! We are both 2’s, which I think is cool! It is hard to read the criticisms about your ‘personality type’, in my opinion, but it also shows all the great qualities you might have.
    I like that you explained reverse innovation as a way to ‘go back to basics’, and use it as a way to improve. It’s helpful for me to understand it better as well.

  2. Like Emma and you I am also a 2, well a type 2 with some close type 9 in there. Much of the healthcare industry has many individual’s that truly are helpers and extend themselves to others in order to help in any way. I take the criticisms no problem, I am well aware of what they are and much like we covered in the Warrior vs. Scout mindset I am able to sit in the scout mindset to find the best options available. Also your map is wonderfully detailed with an eye appealing movement pattern towards your string of pearls map. Great work here!

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