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Leadership: Challenges, strategies, and hiccups

My weekly Education has gone well. I haven’t had any challenges or hiccups at this time.  I send the education email on Friday so that the Clinical champion can send it out on Monday. Then the clinical champion sends me a note of confirmation that she received it. If I don’t receive a note of comformation then I send it again to make sure she received it. Then on Mondays she sends me a confirmation when it gets sent out.

I have education for 12 weeks, so I just continue on the current plan. .

Data review-Issues, Challenges and trimphs

My initial data was pulled in September. The data was pulled in two weeks. The original project was to have children only, but was concerned if there would be enough patients, so the final project included adults. Adding adults allowed boosting in numbers, I think that it was a positive change, because I am uncertain if i would have had enough patients if I would have just done children.  Adding adults boosted my additional numbers, and will hopefully also boost my final data pull.

My triumph is that the data was able to be collected in two weeks with no difficulty. Additionally was able to obtain all of the data needed.

There have not been any issues thus far with obtaining data or initiating the weekly emails. The facility has been very receptive to the education.


Project education was implemented on Monday. On Friday an email with what to send and the educational handouts was attached for easy use.  My clinical champion sent it out on Monday. The education discussed teaching the parents to track patients immunizations to help the parents have a better understanding of the immunization schedule and what is needed when. This will allow parents to have a better understanding and know when they need to come back in.

The providers seem very appreciative of the information and are very excited for new information.

Implementation and checkpoints

I initiated my project on August 27 after IRB approval with coordination with my Clinical Champion. I did my retrospective chart review in 2 weeks, which was quicker than I had expected, and then I will begin sending emails weekly to the clinical champion so that she can send it out to the staff on October 7. My timeline was approved by the IRB so have continued with the same timeline, except I completed my retrospective chart review in the first 2 weeks of September, so I didn’t need the fours weeks set out in my timeline. My implementation to this point has gone smoothly.


Initial Approach and Concerns and Project Concerns:

My project focuses on increasing immunization rates within a given populace at a local clinic. In order to implement this my first step is to educate the providers and staff at the clinic of  on the available research information and project methodology that I plan to implement at the clinic with a goal of improving immunization rates. This inital implementation phase went well, with discussion and questions from the staff and providers.

Since this is my first clinical research project I am naturally hesitant as to whether my approach and methodology are appropriate. It is my hope that my passion for the project coupled with humility and open communication will allow me to move past any obstacles. I also hope to leverage the experience of the faculty, providers and staff when possible to overcome any challenges presented.