Leadership: Challenges, strategies, and hiccups

My weekly Education has gone well. I haven’t had any challenges or hiccups at this time.  I send the education email on Friday so that the Clinical champion can send it out on Monday. Then the clinical champion sends me a note of confirmation that she received it. If I don’t receive a note of comformation then I send it again to make sure she received it. Then on Mondays she sends me a confirmation when it gets sent out.

I have education for 12 weeks, so I just continue on the current plan. .

7 thoughts on “Leadership: Challenges, strategies, and hiccups”

  1. This is great Violet. Do you have enough information for the entire 12 weeks? I like how your champion emails you a confirmation that she receives the material and when she sends it out. Who does she send it to? What are you measuring when she sends the data to others? Glad to hear that your project is going well. Good luck.

    1. Paula-
      I seperated my information out by vaccine and found two sources for each area. I am measuring the change in vaccine rates by educating the providers.

  2. I’m glad your process is running smoothly. I originally started off with 12 weeks and then decreased it to 8 for reasons of staff support and my faculty content specialist wasn’t going to be available as much. I think overall, 12 weeks would have given a better idea of an increase in knowledge and habits so I like that you have that timeline. Congrats to you. Keep on keepin on!

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