Leadership Challenges, Strategies, and Hiccups.

For the most part, my project seems to be going well.  I really do not want to say that because I do not want to jinx myself.  The biggest challenge I have had is lack of time and availability in case the clinic would need something.  I have been trying to finish my clinical rotation as soon as I can because my preceptor in quitting the clinic and going to work at another FQHC in Wichita.  Her last day is November 15th and she worked only one day this week.  I should be finished by next week and can devote more time to my project.

I did visit with the statistician on Monday and we worked out a game plan.  The statistical test I had planned on using was not the right one.  Thank goodness I was able to get in touch with him.

The only hiccup right now, other than lack of time, is needing the clinic manager to pull more data for me.  The statistician explained what data I need from last year and for this year.  I thought having her pull my data would be easier because the issue of HIPAA.  We figured this way would be easier, but I am beginning to think that maybe I should be pulling the data.  I feel like I am bothering her all the time.  I have completed their HIPAA training so maybe I can visit with her and see what we can figure out.  Otherwise, the project is going well.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. I am also worried about data. How did you determine that the test you were going to do on your data was wrong. Is it because of the kind of information your wanting to pull, or based on the results you want to obtain?

  2. I figured out I had the wrong test after the statistician told me what test I will need to use. That is what happens when you think you might know and you really have no clue. On the plus side, I visited with the clinic manager this morning. She is going to talk to the IT person and tell him I will be contacting him for help with pulling data and that it is OK for him to do this. This will take the burden off of her.

  3. Hi Paula,
    Good information from your discussion and from Violet’s question. I will be sending my information to Dr. Pahls after I complete my revisions for the current paper. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try to get clinical in for the NP portion of your program and then have to do this! I thought I was losing my mind writing a paper for health management!
    When relying on others to help us out, life gets in the way sometimes. As a preceptor, I always tried to remember that the students hours were very precious. Good luck to you!

  4. Thanks Kay. I will admit, however, this semester seems to be going a lot smoother than the past few semesters. I feel more organized. Oh did I mention I am still working? I have a different type of a job however. I can do some of my school stuff at work as my project actually pertains to my job. That helps. I know that I will try and help other students in the future after this experience. I read an article where it is getting difficult to find NP preceptors due to the shortage of NPs. I hope that situation changes.

  5. I’m so glad you posted about your experience with Dr. Pahls. I typed up a simple email for him along with my goals and surveys. Sounds like a phone call would be good enough. Do you feel like we need any specific software for analysis? OR did he make it sound like he would help with those tests?
    I agree with you about this semester seeming to run much sooner. I keep almost feeling like I’m forgetting something each week. It’s a nice change from this summer. That is really incredible that you get to do some of your work and project at the same time. It does get a little unnerving to rely on others for your information though so I understand why you consider that to be one of your hiccups. All in all, it sounds like it’s going smooth. I’m excited to see this all come together.

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