Preliminary Data

Preliminary data – what you are learning?

As I stated in the last blog, my project was completed on November 6th.  In glancing over the data on the participants’ self-assessments, it was obvious that they learned from the blogs and activities and increased their knowledge bases.  They didn’t all increase their levels of physical activity or report that they they actively apply their new knowledge to nutrition.  I have a meeting this next week with the statistician to help with data analysis as the data I gathered was created from a Likert scale.

I have learned so much about the process of the DNP project and wish that I could be a peer guide to one of the upcoming students.  I have learned much of what to do and what not to do with this specific project.  I wish that I could build from what I’ve done so far and continue the research to a greater capacity but I’m proud of what this project has demonstrated so far and am excited to see it finish.

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  1. Hi Vicki
    Ready to get the data organized? I have mine ready to go. I most likely will not be working on it too much since the holidays are upon us. Family, etc. It will be a nice break! When you do get your information with Dr. Pahls, I will look forward to your sharing.

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