Day: December 7, 2019

FM17 – James DeGrechie

Plectica Link: And now… the end is near… All kidding aside, this has been every bit the different, and enjoyable, learning experience that it was purported to be.  I have chosen to forego the potential TL:DR by posting all of my answers in textual format; instead, please see the Plectica presentation up top.  Many… Read more FM17 – James DeGrechie

FM17- Emma Ware

Here is my link to Plectica: I. Swarm Learning What is Swarm Learning?: Mostly the concept of group learning/group projects. Everyone shares information with one another. Strengths: You can learn from others, interacting with the group helps to improve your interpersonal skills. Weaknesses: Other people may not work well with others. The comments from… Read more FM17- Emma Ware