Margaret Allen

I've worked at newspapers since I was 13, in Kansas, Texas, Nebraska and Venezuela. I've been a journalist writing news stories for 28 years, and it's been so much fun, and so exciting, that it's gone by in a blink.

For 10 years between some of those years I was a public information officer, science writing, at a major private university in Texas. That job allowed me to see the Large Hadron Collider up close and personal in Geneva, Switzerland, and a giant ancient supervolcano fossil in northern Italy. That was a blast, working with scientists and hearing about their research, then translating it into general interest press releases and making videos. I enjoyed working with journalists at The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, Army Times, the Guardian, Discovery, CBS, and many, many more.
I covered topics ranging from atomic particles, ancient ruins, prehistoric fossil finds, dinosaurs, exploding stars, galaxies, economics, how the brain works, improving chemotherapy, earthquakes, supervolcanoes, Lidar for understanding ground sinking in west Texas and more.

As a reporter, I had the opportunity to travel all over western Nebraska, Kansas, Venezuela, and to Berlin, Hamburg, London, Stockholm and more, interviewing oil experts, diplomats, government officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs, government ministers, in a huge range of positions and industries.

News beats I covered included cops, courts, local government, international trade, international oil, business, finance, airlines, railroads, mining, national politics, national government, real estate, logistics, warehousing, distribution, art, personal health, and zillions of feature stories.

Thank you for letting me join you. I know I will learn a lot from our sharing this time together.

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