Module 4: How News is Made?

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the ways news is made, and note how news gathering is changing
  • Identify news gathering in the broader world of mass communications
  • Analyze what changes in news processes are doing to the principles of good journalism.
  • Reconcile news gathering with current forces shaping the media economy.
  • Explore how to verify information 

Learning Activities:

  1. Read the assigned book chapter and online course guide
  2. Gather information for 3rd beat story
  3. [Extra-Credit]: Mid-Term Feedback to reflect on first four weeks
  4. Individual appt with Dr. Loggins to review your work

Assigned Reading:

  1. [Textbook Reading] Chapter 3
  2. Read Fact-Check instructions, assignment, & rubric
  3. Read Course Guide: Fact-Checking and Evaluation & Citation tabs
  4. Read/View Guest Column

Assignments (Due by 9 am CT on 10/13):

  1. [Blog Post 6]: Pick one of the 3 options below to write a blog post and comment 2 peers’ posts on the other two options.
    • Option 1: Replicate the “Cover It Live” real-time reporting experience
    • Option 2: Analyze a news story for values
    • Option 3: Your reflection on the news stories
  2. [Guest Questions 3] Provide at least two questions.
  3. [Bb Quiz 4]: Chapter 3 quiz
  4. [Blog Post 7]: Write one paragraph fact-check. Please select the category of “Blog Post 7” for this posting.
  5. [Biweekly Article 3]: Turn in your 3rd beat story and categorize it under “3rd Beat Story”. DUE 10/15


  • Tu 9/29 Work on example fact-check
  • Th 10/1 Discuss text & activities, analyze the news values in your own stories
  • Tu 10/6  Fact-check Questions. Article review/discussion
  • Th 10/8  Meet with guest



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