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RobinHiggins / Pixabay

Sometimes I am not as clear as I think I am. It’s inevitable. Plus, I know that good communication is two-way communication. I speak, you listen and respond, I respond to your response, and the cycle continues. That’s how human beings try to ensure we understand each other, and even then it sometimes fails. This page is intended to help ensure we don’t fail at clear communication.

If you have any questions about the class or something you see in the media, reply here. CampusPress should let me know within a day, and I’ll try to clarify whatever it is. You are also welcome to email me. If you email me a question related to class, I may simply use this area to respond to “a student” so everyone else also has the answer. Then, I’ll email you so you know I answered you in our learning community.

Let me be helpful. It’s what I like to do. Ask me a question. Who knows, maybe a classmate can even answer faster and better than me.

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