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My beat is the views of college students under the influence of the coronavirus on online teaching. In my concept, news stories are about what’s happening right now, what’s relevant to people’s lives and what’s meaningful. The outbreak of this covid-19 is a worldwide event, and the news generated from it is bound to get a lot of attention. The topic I was thinking about was the impact of the coronavirus on the clothing and fashion industry, as I had heard that many clothing stores couldn’t sell pants because people only needed to wear pyjama pants to work from home; Another is that the lipstick industry is in an unprecedented crisis due to the need to wear face masks when going out, Instead, women are focusing on the only eyes that show, and the eyeshadow industry is making a killing. I am very interested in this topic and have great resonance. Unfortunately, these contents can be reported clearly in one story. I don’t know what else I can write after that, so I choose education as my topic in the end, because the development of education is a long and ongoing process.

My first story will probably be ready on September 12th. In the future, I hope to report a beat every two weeks. Because I’m not good at writing, and I don’t know what to write if I write frequently.

First of all, What I have been trying to show you is the different attitudes and ways of education in China and the United States, as well as the pressures and ideas that parents and children in these two countries feel under different educational environments.I grew up educated in China and was deeply influenced by Chinese education. Now I come to study in the United States and have American friends around me. This is a good opportunity for students from two countries to understand each other’s education mode. However, this big topic covers a wide range and may not meet the requirements of “Beat Story”,so I narrowed it down to students’ views on online courses and what they can gain from them under the epidemic situation. And if the audience scope needs to be clarified, I will designate it as the students of my university in China — Lanzhou City University and my current university in Fort Hays State University, so that I can get the ideas of the students of both sides.

I have learned that in China, most universities have resumed normal teaching, but students have still experienced a long period of online teaching education, I believe they will have a lot of feelings; In the United States, where the epidemic is still severe, online teaching is still the dominant mode of instruction. I will get the ideas of the students on both sides, and even the advice of professors and the school authorities. I may interview students by phone, email and video. I want to study whether different teaching methods of online class and offline class will have an impact on students’ grades and even their psychology. I know my beat is very common, but as an international student, I can get in touch with some people that other people may not get in touch with, so there is very little possibility of overlapping reports for the time being.

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  1. Nick at |

    I really like the idea of online course delivery as a story angle, but I think the angle of U.S. vs. China delivery will turn more into a compare/contrast article instead of a consistent beat.
    Perhaps a better angle to take would be how online course delivery is changing rapidly in the U.S., featuring Zoom sessions, videos, audio, OER’s, etc. Many universities are learning on the fly with online courses. FHSU was one of the first universities in the U.S. to provide online courses, if I remember correctly.

  2. Dr. Loggins at |

    Yep, online course delivery can work and a simple compare and contrast will be difficult. But, you can also talk about FHSU’s international partnerships and how they work. This website for the office of glocal partnership should help you develop a few ideas and contacts:


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