Lorik KT9

Plectica Map Link

Survey is completed.

I am hoping I did this assignment correctly. I was a little confused on what to do for Rule #3 and if it applied to me since I am in HHP 340.

4 thoughts on “Lorik KT9

  1. I was questioning my map too. Really dragged my feet in completing it due to my confusion in the directions. I enjoyed your map and I found it easy to follow. Good plan and ideas.

    • I’m glad I am not the only one! I thought I was finished and then looked at the other KT9 assignments that had already been posted before I officially posted mine and realized I was definitely missing something.

  2. I am hoping to I put the map in the correct format! Looking at other posts definitely gives me a good idea of what I am suppose to be posting but in his assignment I believe everyone had different maps this time around! Also, I thought yours was amazing! I really liked your plan!

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