KT9 – Grant Doyle


I enjoyed doing this map and learning about a current world event that is impacting us all.

I finished the SurveyMonkey.

3 thoughts on “KT9 – Grant Doyle

  1. Your map was very easy to follow! I rolled my eyes at first about this assignment because it was just another thing that involved COVID-19, but after completeing the assignment, I have decided that I did enjoy doing something that was related to the real world!

  2. I think we all wish this Covid-19 was in our past already but it looks like it will be around for a few months longer at least. Thanks for the positive words. We can all use them right now.

  3. I too enjoyed this assignment. I appreciated how simple and straightforward your map is. I will say i think people need to limit their news and radio intake because many people are letting the news get to them. (panic buying and hoarding) Maybe do some research using the internet with the WHO and CDC

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