Pressure Injuries


I have made my research poster of pressure injuries, this is a topic that I definitely thought I knew a lot about but I have learned so much through this assignment! I hope you all enjoy and look forward to you feedback! I generally have trouble compounding information as I always want to put everything on a presentation so I hope everything makes sense and is easy to understand! Research Poster


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    Preventing pressure injuries is an important nursing intervention. According to the Joint Commission (2018), pressure injuries related to medical devices such as feeding delivery tubes, oxygen delivery tubes, catheters, orthopedic devices, bedpans, and casts account for more than 30% of all hospital-acquired pressure injuries and are a significant cause of patient morbidity. Prevention and treatment of pressure injuries are challenging. Hospital-acquired pressure injuries can be costly too. It is prevalent not just in acute care but also in long-term care facilities. What are the risk factors for a pressure injury? What nursing intervention can be done to prevent pressure injuries? You are correct that pressure injuries is a complex issue. Good post.

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      The Joint Commission. (2018, July 24). New joint commission advisory on pressure injuries related to medical devices.

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