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    Megan, in my opinion you have one of the best balanced and professional looking posters, I like it as soon as it opens up, it’s appealing. I to was researching protocols to see the effects of protocol vs. non-protocol. I was kind of hung up o the fact that there was information out there about the protocol and how it improves the quality of health care for patients but I never really found that much statistics on the numbers prior to the protocol being in place. I wanted to compare the before and after not just the recent study. I think we would find a larger margin and vast improvements if compared that way. I like the way you did your inclusion and exclusion portion, I think maybe I misunderstood how to present in my research poster. I’ll have to ask Katherine just what she wanted. Great job.

  2. jbonilla at |

    I have to agree with jcbrandt and your poster is neat professional and very informative. Sepsis care bundles can greatly reduce patient complications and deaths. Sepsis care is time sensitive and why the nursing process is important.

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