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  1. Cassie, RN at |

    As a wife of a veteran I feel like this is a very important topic on so many levels. You provide a good amount of information and have supporting imagies for your topic. Whether a person is currently active duty or a veteran you never know what kind of trauma they have endured and what resources they have or are going to be willing to accept with the stigma around the military. Well chosen topic.

  2. Kristen at |

    I really like your poster and the photos you chose. I recently started working for the VA at a community outreach based clinic so this made perfect sense to me. Until I started working there, I did not realize how much managing it took to get care and services approved through the VA! There is a consult for everything and nothing is fast! The VA recently switched to different medical coverage providers so now there is all new issues because many providers are tired of dealing with the VA medical system and have not been approved with the new insurance. Having a team to help manage care is a necessity with the way the VA medical coverage is set up and with the complex medical needs that many veterans have. Do you see other ways the VA could improve their care?

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