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Notes from any journalist you talk to:

  • Well I discussed this topic with Dr. Loggins and Nick and Russell as well. They all gave me great advice on how to develop my beat. I know there are several stories covering sports, but I haven’t seen any that are discussing or even similar to my specific topic. I will still seek good advice from the people I have so far and will keep my mind open or other knowledge because I am eager to improve and develop the best story. I plan to make my story clear and easy to understand. I also want it to motivate people during this tough time because we all need it right now. 

Notes on how you will cover the beat in person:

  • Regarding the covid-19 it will be difficult to meet and seek out the advantages for my story. Also, I am not from this area and am not familiar with too many things around, but I have some help and support to obtain and achieve what I need to get the job done. All my work will have to be done over the phone. 

A document with links to online resources: 

  • A good resource would probably be the schools sports page. I would be able to check scores, stats, rosters, and schedule. I believe that this page would be reliable and could be very helpful. 

A reference list for offline material that can help:

  • I will be able to contact my cover athlete and his brother to obtain any additional information for my story. I could also talk to parents, teammates, and coaches. 

Archival Notes: 

  • My research on my chosen cover athlete has been completed and I got a good feel on where his mental state is at and how he prepares to have a good season. He also has a great support group and the team has started off well this year. 


  • Lucas 
  • Coach
  • Parents 
  • Possibly friends 


  • Obstacles on obtaining a college scholarship


  • This year 
  • Most recent game 


  • Hutchinson


  • Motivation for another student athlete 


  • By being a student athlete 


  • Are you a fan of sports? Do you like to watch a favorite player or team? Do you know anyone who plays a sport? Are you an athlete yourself? Are you unsure about playing due to this pandemic or your school or parents are preventing you from performing? That is very understandable, but there are athletes who are brave and courageous to perform during these tough times. They are not letting covid stop them from achieving their ultimate goal which is to play college sports. My cover athlete Lucas is not only playing 1 sports but 2 which are basketball and football. Right now he is currently in football season as Trinity high’s quarterback and has helped lead them to an undefeated start this season. His motivation and bravery is what helps him get through adversity and it can do the same for you as well, but you gotta want it. 

Nut Graph: 

  • It is a very difficult time for athletes all over the world right now. However, when it comes to high school athletes it is a different situation. You can say college athletes are struggling but they are still on scholarship and able to get their degree. High school athletes are still trying to make it and get recruited. Recruitment for high school athletes is going to be a different time this year for athletes and also the coaches. Due to this current pandemic, it is going to be very hard to attend games, play games, athletic visits and even face to face interactions. High schools do not have the same resources as colleges so it is more stress on the parents to handle situations rather than college coaches. Lets not forget to mention the mental state and attitude of the athletes. Not knowing if they will have a season or be able to have the opportunity to perform in front of scouts is draining and can result in loss of motivation to play. 


Transcribe at least three quotes you can use from at least two different people: 

  • I attempted to contact coaches and other teammates to give some feedback on the current situation and will have a good and valid perspective.

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