EM3 Jaime McHugh


Here is my EM3 map! I learned quite a bit about a subject matter I had never heard of before. Since there was no blog on the list to reference, here is a quick link to the article I found on the subject matter of Kleptoplasty and an interesting video that is also worth the time to watch. Enjoy!

P.S.- I completed the survey monkey



KT 1 _ Jaime McHugh


Plectica Map

Hello! My name is Jaime and I am a Junior majoring in Human Health and Performance. After my bachelor’s, I plan on moving on to the Transition to Teaching Graduate program an FHSU. I enrolled in this course as part of my major’s requirements and expect to learn more than I bargained for. I currently work full-time for Sedgwick County EMS as a Paramedic with the rank of Captain. When I am not at work or studying I am the proud mother to three awesome children. My boys are 9 and 7 years old and my daughter is 5. My gym time and running time are my relaxation moments and otherwise, I am always on the go. Heres to a great semester everyone!