3 thoughts on “Malone FT8

  1. Great job, Jessica! Loved this remark (let me know if it works with your family arguments!):
    “I really loved this assignment. The Toulmin method is really interesting to me. I have had some pretty heated Facebook political arguments with extended family in the past. I can wait to use this! HAHA. But in all seriousness, it was really neat to learn some new tactics to not only deconstruct arguments, but also strengthen my argument. I used some of it blended with Tom’s Standard Advice to re-organize my blog outline, and I hope hope I can apply it correctly once I get it all written out. I’m really excited to write about my topic, and the other topics I’ve seen all look very interesting.”

  2. I also loved this comment:

    “Swarm learning, to me, is sort of like bees or ants. We’re all working toward our individual goals (assignments) by completing our individual tasks, but the class adapts to meet the needs of the whole colony. We learn from and encourage each other. We’re expected to look at each other’s work and be inspired by each other’s creativity.”

  3. I appreciate the structure and design of your map. It was easy to follow, and I related to most of the feedback you provided.

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