4 thoughts on “KT9 Hugh Mason

  1. I like how simple you described the COVID-19. I think having it explained that way will help those who still don’t understand. As for the family task force, I miss leaving my house daily for an activity but I can say my house has never been more clean!

  2. Nice job on this assignment, Hugh. Simple and short. I used a lot more words to explain my actions plans and “what, why, how” method. Now that I think about it, I can see how too much wording might not catch the attention of the audience (residents of Kansas) compared to simply informing them with little detail. I can relate to that mindset since I tend to be those people who skip over long-worded information. Also, I liked your focus on it being more of a family emphasis. It all starts with what’s going within a family and their household.

  3. Very good on this map. It is very simple but has enough information to get it done. I hope the rest of this semester goes smoothly for you!

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