Chapter 2 Activity 2 Instructions

Nietjuh / Pixabay

To illustrate the confusing mix of news, punditry and advocacy, consider a hot-button topic in your community. This semester, we should consider the discussion surrounding wearing masks in public.  Search online for information on this topic.

First, make an unfiltered Google search for the information on the issue. Critically evaluate the content you find by answering the following questions:

  • How much of it is true journalism?
  • How much of it masquerades as journalism, but is really advocacy?
  • What role do social networks play in the discussion?

Next, 1) limit your search to the “News” results from Google and then 2) carry out a directed search on a local newspaper online archive or a news database such as Lexis/Nexis. If you need help to find a database, use our course guide at Forsyth Library. Once you’ve done that research, let us know:

  • How does the quality, tone, and structure of the information you find differ after limiting the search to established news outlets?

Kerisa and Haomiao MUST complete this activity as a blog post with the category “Chapter 2 – Activity 2.” For full credit on Blog Post 5, they must also check the other two activities in this module to make a comment on them. 

Other students can do the same work, or they can create a main post about another activity in this module and create a comment or reply addressing some aspect of this activity. 

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