Essential III: Clinical Scholarship and Analytical Methods for Evidence-Based Practice

The DNP is a practice-based model for the terminal degree, requires that the DNP practice according to evidence-based practice.  It is not the DNP’s role to do the research but be able to disseminate the study that is applicable in practice.  We are to find the best quality evidence and apply it to practice.  It is our responsibility to advance the understanding of the nursing practice.  We are to increase our clinical and leadership skills.  This is done by translating nursing research into standards of care.  This helps us to lead interdisciplinary teams, improve care systems and evaluate patient outcomes in various patient populations (DNP, n.d.).

In disseminating best practice, the DNP must be able to review qualitative and quantitative data (Zaccagnini, 2017).  It is not enough to read an article and assume it is the best EBP.  We have to be diligent in sorting out which studies are relevant and accurate and which ones are not.  Once we can do this, we can successfully care for our patients to the highest level available.


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